Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas Redux 2 -- Mom Gets an iPad -- The Ultimate Grandma Test

Here is Xmas redux #2.

My mother has never been online ... ever! She lives in Minneapolis -- her grand-kids (my kids) live in San Diego. So, she rarely sees them.

Hence her new Xmas gift -- the iPad! Primary goal? FaceTime with the kids. One-touch video calling -- anytime. That's the promise. But, will that promise be realized? That's debatable. We shall see. We practiced -- a lot. Time will tell here. She seemed intrigued, but certainly wasn't enthralled ... yet. And, will it be as simple and intuitive as all of us -- who have been online for so many years -- believe it is?

This is the ultimate grandmother ease-of-use test!

Xmas Redux VIDEO -- In Praise of Old-Fashioned Building Blocks

Okay, back to work today. The Xmas glow is wearing off. But, still time for a few ruminations.

First on tap today? Yes, my kids received an Xbox Kinect from Santa. And, yes it is amazing. If you haven't checked out the Michael Jackson dance game, do it. How cool is it that it scans your image right there and puts you directly into the game? That ain't no avatar!

But, check out this video of my little man, Luca, and his Keva block creation. This is priceless ... and demonstrates the sheer joy and creativity that comes with good old-fashioned building blocks.