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Sorenson Media's 2011 Highlights -- 25% Y-O-Y Revenue Growth

We at Sorenson Media just released our 2011 financial and business results. Here is the text of our release that just hit the wires:

Sorenson Media to Cap 2011 with Two Consecutive Years of 25-Percent Revenue Growth, Streaming Media Readers Choice Award as ‘Best Online Video Technology Company’

· Other Major Awards Include “Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service” for Company’s New Squeeze Cloud, “Best Encoding Software Under $1,000” for Sorenson Squeeze; Place on Streaming Media 100 List of Most Influential Online Video Companies

· Sorenson Media Was Only Video Solution Company Chosen to Participate on Cloud Commission that Presented Major Report to Obama Administration

· Company Released Major Updates to its Video Solution Portfolio, including Sorenson Squeeze 8 and On-Premise and Hybrid Versions of Squeeze Server

SAN DIEGO (December 19, 2011) – Sorenson Media is ringing out a productive 2011, capped by an expected second consecutive year of 25 percent year-over-year revenue growth, with a wave of awards from tech industry experts and users. Punctuating an active year for the company, the awards highlight the company’s continuing position as the global video transcoding leader for online video content creators and purveyors of all types and sizes.

“This has been an important and satisfying year for Sorenson Media and our rapidly-growing client base – from the individual to the enterprise,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “Our position at the forefront of the worldwide online and mobile video markets is a result of our unique history, expertise and continued innovation in video transcoding and publishing. We now have the broadest portfolio of video encoding and transcoding workflow solutions. As video continues to proliferate across all screens, Sorenson Media customers will benefit from our unparalleled knowledge of the enterprise workflow and how their customers consume video. As strong as our growth was in 2011, much of our focus was on building out our differentiated video workflow platform for long-term success. We expect much more from ourselves in 2012. We are a passionate team. We like to lead the way.”

Highlights of Sorenson Media’s fast-paced 2011 include:

A Spate of High-Profile Awards. In addition to being named “Best Online Video Technology Company” by the readers of Streaming Media magazine, the company brought home the prizes for “Best Encoding Software Under $1,000” for Sorenson Squeeze and “Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service” for the company’s innovative Squeeze Cloud solution. Sorenson Media garnered more awards from Streaming Media than any other company. It was also named to the prestigious Streaming Media 100 list of the most influential online video companies, and received the 2011 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Transcoding Solution.”

In addition, the company was named to AlwaysOn’s lists of “Top 250 Private Companies” and “Top 100 Mobile Companies,” and was named Best Internet Company at TechAmerica San Diego’s 18th Annual High Tech Awards. Sorenson Media’s continued innovation also garnered significant visibility in the industry’s most important media outlets, including TechCrunch.

Cloud and On-Premise Transcoding Power. Sorenson Media extended its industry leadership in cloud-based transcoding in 2011 by delivering unparalleled flexibility and power to high-volume users with the release of Sorenson Squeeze Server On Premise and Sorenson Squeeze Hybrid Solutions. Squeeze Server On Premise automates and optimizes the transcoding process for high-volume in-house encoding. Squeeze Hybrid, the first-ever solution to combine cloud and on-premise encoding, enables users to scale up or down to meet workflow needs.

Sorenson Media quickly followed up the release of Squeeze Server On Premise with a Squeeze Server 1.5, which brought the perennial gold-standard Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine more fully to the enterprise with full adaptive bitrate support.

Participation on Influential Industry Commission. In the summer of 2011, CEO Peter Csathy participated on the TechAmerica Foundation CLOUD2 Commission, representing the industry as the only video solutions company invited to join the influential organization. In July, the commission presented a much-anticipated cloud computing roadmap to the Obama Administration, including detailed recommendations for the optimal deployment of cloud-based solutions to guide the federal government’s efforts to adopt cloud computing technologies and develop policies and practices to keep the United States on the forefront of computing innovation.

Release of Sorenson Squeeze Versions 7 and 8. The company was prolific on the product innovation front with the release of Squeeze 7 in early 2011 and Squeeze 8 in late 2011. The most sophisticated version of the gold-standard encoding and transcoding software, Sorenson Squeeze 8 now includes seamless Squeeze Server integration; adaptive bitrate encoding for new formats; unprecedented x264 support and optimization; and enhanced GPU acceleration. In addition, the company created Squeeze 8 Lite, the most cost-effective way for the fast-growing market of content creators such as web developers and videographers focused primarily on online publishing to encode and transcode in the most popular video formats. According to a recent review from PC World, the new Squeeze 8 achieves “the best possible transcoding and a wide variety of input and output options.”

Expanded Distribution Relationship with Avid and New Partnership with IBM. Sorenson Media also expanded its eight-year partnership with Avid, which bundles Sorenson Squeeze with Avid’s 64-bit video editing systems, including Media Composer® version 6, NewsCutter® version 10 and Symphony® version 6. In addition, the company formed a new partnership with IBM to provide enterprise cloud transcoding and video workflow solutions as part of IBM’s anticipated SmartCloud initiative.

Opening of Los Angeles and London Offices. Driven by accelerating demand for Sorenson Media products and services from enterprise users and media companies in the United States and Europe, the company opened offices in Los Angeles and London. The company’s resonance with enterprise users is highlighted by the fact that 70 of the Fortune 100 companies and 60 percent of the top 30 broadcast station groups – including CBS, Fox, NBC Universal, Hearst Television and Meredith Local Media Group – now use Sorenson Media products and services

About Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media ( is an award-winning provider of the highest quality, differentiated video encoding and transcoding workflow solutions. With highly scalable cloud- and server-based encoding solutions and desktop applications, Sorenson Media empowers the enterprise and video professionals to easily and cost-effectively encode, transcode, manage and deliver the highest-quality video online and to mobile devices. Since 1995, Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of bringing online and mobile video into the economic and cultural mainstream. As video rapidly proliferates online, businesses and video professionals increasingly rely on Sorenson Media's innovative solutions and legacy of trust to meet their evolving needs.

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Jacob Moon

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FaceTime IS Really Cool -- We Take That for Granted

Last week was the first week in a long, long time that I was away from home all week. So, to keep in touch with my beautiful family (wife Luisa, and two kids -- Hunter & Luca) I re-discovered FaceTime on my iPhone, which I haven't used for a long, long time. And, the week away made me realize what I had somewhat forgotten -- that is, that FaceTime is really, really cool. That it -- and what it represents (i.e., video communication) -- is truly transformative. That it keeps us "together" in a way that simply isn't possible with an audio-only call; or a non-mobile PC/Mac-laden video call either.

When I call home with audio only, my kids are distracted -- we speak only for a few seconds. There is no real connection. But, with FaceTime (mobile video calling), everything changes. My kids are focused. They engage. They are playful. They are silly. And so am I ....

FaceTime is fun -- it's as simple as that. And, speaking of "simple", FaceTime IS simple -- easy to use. That too is critical. The kids can roam around the house while they FaceTime me, and I can feel like I am there too. They can hilariously hold the phone to our two dogs -- which they did -- and I could command them to "sit" (which they did)! Yes, they were a bit confused at first (their heads did that slight doggy tilt) -- but, they ultimately focused on the iPhone screen and both saw/heard me convince them to follow my command. Classic! All of us were rolling.

Long-time readers of my blog know that, prior to running Sorenson Media, I was CEO of SightSpeed -- THE video chat leader before video chat became main-stream (with Skype, FaceTime, etc.). So, I have always believed in the uniquely transformative power of video communications.

Nevertheless, I continue to be amazed at the true differentiating power of video over audio-only communication. I always believed it -- but, we now live it as an everyday part of our lives. Let's not forget that only a couple years back -- maybe 5 -- the vast majority of folks believed that consumer video chat would never amount to anything.

Now look at FaceTime. Now look at Skype. Now look at Logitech's Vid (which is the evolution of the SightSpeed video chat service that they acquired in 2008).

Now, just take a look ....