Friday, December 16, 2011

Did You Know Bose Makes HD TVs? I Didn't Either -- Check This Out

Bose -- you know them -- kings of great audio sound. That's all they do, right? Wrong.

I just learned that Bose now makes high-end TVs that feature revolutionary surround sound from -- get this -- invisible speakers built into the TV itself. It is called the Bose "VideoWave" entertainment system. Check Bose's site by clicking on this link. It features a 46 inch HD screen, and it goes for $5,499.

Sounds cool, right? Some of our guys at Sorenson Media just saw and heard a demo -- and, they were blown away. The sound was incredible.

How do they do it? Watch Bose's video (click on this link) to watch Bose describe its own audio break-through -- its invisible speakers from inside the VideoWave itself.