Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amen to Michael Arrington -- On This Thanksgiving, Appreciate the Value of "Luck"

TechCrunch founder and overall tech svengali, Michael Arrington, just gave a speech at the Founders' Institute (an organization of which I am pleased to be a part) -- here is a link to the TechCrunch report of it. He talks about how "luck" plays a significant part in any success -- and in any failure. Just because you "succeed" does not mean you're great; nor does failure mean that, in his words, "you suck." We are all rather simply on a razor's edge where things can frequently go one way or another.

BUT, there is one part that increases your positive "Black Swan" moments - -and that is the need to keep putting yourself in a position to succeed (i.e., have good "luck") in the first place. That means that a "never say die" attitude can, among other things, help increase your odds.

For this reason, I don't call it "luck" exactly -- I consider it to be more a question of being "fortunate." There is free will -- and effort -- associated with it.

In the end, however, Arrington's overall theme rings true. So, consider it this Thanksgiving season. And, count your blessings and good fortunes. In other words, appreciate how "lucky" we are.

I certainly do ....