Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving -- The TryptoMYTH

This post -- nothing to do with digital media.

This post -- everything to do with Thanksgiving -- and turkey.

MYTH -- eating turkey makes you sleepy -- the tryptophan effect.

FACT -- apparently not true. As this article points out, eating turkey on Thanksgiving itself is not the cause of exhaustion. Rather, in its words, those f/x are due to "any combination of booze, bad conversation and a carbohydrate-heavy meal."

OUR THANKSGIVING PLANS -- my family and I are off later tonight to the land of the frozen tundra -- lovely Minneapolis, Minnesota -- home of the flailing Vikings -- and the Mall of America. That is part of our annual pilgrimage up north -- once again, we will be there. And, possibly with bells on!

Enjoy your families and friends this holiday week.