Monday, November 14, 2011

Scratch That -- Amazon's Kindle Fire Ships Today -- 1 Day Early!

My previous post from earlier today is already old news -- Amazon is shipping the Kindle Fire TODAY -- 1 day early!

Amazon's Kindle Fire Ignites Tomorrow

The headline says it all -- tomorrow is the big day -- Amazon's launch (availability) of its new Kindle Fire. This will be big ... very big. And, smart ... very smart by Amazon for all the reasons about which you likely already have read. Estimates are that initial demand will approach 5 million units.

While Amazon Kindle Fire sales will not surpass the iPad in 2012, they will fast climb to #2 in terms of market share. Then, who knows? Lots of Amazon customers already out there. And, lots more who want an inexpensive tablet on which they can view Prime premium video and, oh yeah, shop, shop, shop ....