Thursday, November 03, 2011

Apple Speculation Rampant On the Certainty of a Coming iTV

While most were skeptical until just recently, the tide has now completely turned -- and now it seems that virtually everyone believes that an all-in-one "real" flat-screen TV will become a reality in the near-term. I have always believed this -- and started writing about this nearly two years ago (here is one relevant post from May 2010). And, Steve Jobs himself essentially confirmed this to his biographer before he recently passed away -- here is my relevant post about this.

Here is a compelling "take" on what is needed to make iTV a successful reality -- this story is from leading blog "gdgt" (click on the link here). You can see my "counter"-take to the author's perspective in the comments section below -- I am the "petercs" commentator. And, not to be outdone, my esteemed COO here at Sorenson Media -- Eric Quanstrom -- gives his own "take" as "EQ" in the comments section.

Here is Gigaom's own separate "take" on what iTV needs to be in order to be successful -- click here to read this worthy story as well.

What's funny is this -- now, not only virtually everyone seems to be calling this new Apple product launch a near-certainty, but also virtually everyone seems to be referring to it as "iTV." As I stated way back then, I agree.

Avid - Our Long-Time Partner -- Launches Its New Products Today Featuring New Squeeze 8

Today, our long-time partner Avid announced its new major product launch -- all new versions of Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter -- click here to read Avid's official press release. And, importantly, all of these Avid products will now feature new Squeeze 8 (in an optimal coordination of timing with our Tuesday launch) -- Squeeze 8 is prominently featured in the press release.

This event marks a significant expansion of our distribution partnership with Avid -- across more product lines than ever before. Avid's overall opportunity in the NLE space is greater than ever with the growing ubiquity of, and need for, high quality video -- and with the departure of Apple Final Cut from the professional video space (in favor, instead, of consumer use cases).

"Green Wheels" -- The World's First Eco-Only Car Dealership

Here's a cool new concept and company that everyone should be talking about. It's called "Green Wheels" and it's the first eco-friendly only car dealership in the world. Check it out by clicking on this link. And start talking it up.

The concept is simple -- and the simplest of concepts are frequently the most powerful. In the words of entrepreneur Jason Davis -- a longtime auto exec who just "launched" the first Green Wheels dealership in San Diego -- "Green Wheels is a specialty car-dealership focusing on energy-efficient, pre-driven vehicles." Davis's mission statement from his website gives more color to what drives him and Green Wheels:

"Driving an environmentally friendly vehicle is not a fad and you do not need to be an environmentalist to sit behind the wheel. Owning a “pollution solution,” provides peace-of-mind benefits and, of course, much lower payments to the gas-pumps. Green Wheels will find the best, energy-efficient vehicles available in the market at a competitive price, and will make certain that they are inspected to super-high standards. One car at a time, we can truly make a difference."

You gotta love that passion! Green Wheels aims to make a real difference -- and it already is by making a statement. You don't need to buy a car to be moved by Davis's mission (although many people already are as the pace of sales in this one-month old dealership already is accelerating). The mission itself gets you thinking -- and, that's what it's all about. In the inimitable words of Steve Jobs, "Think Different." What YOU do DOES matter. So, think about what you do before you do it -- and think about the impact of your actions.

You can feel even more of that passion when you check out his website. Notice the attention to detail as you navigate the tabs on the home page. Check out the "footprint" tab -- describing how each of us impacts climate change (about which I have previously written). And, check out the "eco-links" tab where Davis lists some of his favorite kindred spirit causes and businesses, none of which are car-focused! How cool is that? Davis gives his own personal stamp to these, because he is building his business his way.

My personal favorite on the "eco-links" tab is Giving Tree Movement ( -- that grass roots movement is definitely worthy of reflection (and not simply because my wife is the Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer). That cause speaks to me. But, the speaker herself is pretty amazing -- as is her passion and voice. Watch this video to see what I'm talking about.

Green Wheels -- spread the word ....