Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sorenson Media -- Finalist in Record 5 Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" Categories

Okay, okay, okay -- I know that Sorenson Media propaganda has been taking over my blog posts in the past few weeks. And, I know, I know, I know -- I have always vowed to focus most of my energies on digital media and technology stories of general interest. And, I am committed to that pledge (as you can see if you look back at my posts over time).

At the same time, what can I say? We continue to receive kudo after kudo in the past few weeks. And, I don't mean this boastfully -- yes, we are proud. But, we are also truly honored and humbled by the recognition. It means a lot to us -- especially when the recognition comes from actual users of our products.

Case in point -- we just learned earlier today that we are a Finalist in a record 5 categories for the coveted U.S. Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" awards that will be announced next week in LA. (click on this link to see the relevant official announcement from Streaming Media.) No other company -- of any size or shape -- is a finalist in more categories. And, we are a finalist in every single category in which we were originally nominated -- based on over 6,000 votes. Here are those categories:

-- Best Online Video Technology Company
-- Best Cloud Computing/Transcoding Service
-- Best Encoding Software (Under $1,000)
-- Best Encoding Software (Over $1,000)
-- Best Online Video Platform

Note, there are only 3 finalists in each category, so this recognition is meaningful already. We are all smiles over here today -- especially after our Squeeze 8 product launch (and exhaustion) yesterday.

Thanks for the votes of confidence. A few weeks back we won the European Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" award (for the second year running) for "Best Transcoding Solution." And, this past Friday, we won TechAmerica San Diego's "Best Internet Company" award. But you knew that already after reading my earlier blog post on that subject.

After next week, I assure you there won't be any more Sorenson Media propaganda for a while .... unless we win some more awards, in which case I have no choice to pat the backs of the team around here because it is well-deserved. This team is good .... really good. And, they care a lot -- and for all the right reasons.