Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorenson Squeezes Out NEW Version 8 -- The First & Only Total Seamless Video Workflow Solution

Sorenson Squeeze 8 officially launches today -- that means that it is available now -- check out

Here are the headline stories from this launch, as we continue our relentless focus on customer experience and continued innovation (the full press release can be accessed by clicking on this link):

(1) Integration of all Sorenson Media products (including our enterprise-focused products) -- previously, we uniquely and seamlessly integrated our 360 online video platform into Squeeze (including industry-first "review and approval" workflows); NOW, in Squeeze 8, we seamlessly integrate enterprise-grade Squeeze Server into the workflow so that video professionals can collaborate and offload encoding jobs to separate servers and streamline high-volume workflows. This power works both behind-the-firewall and in the Cloud, where we have led -- and are absolutely committed to continue to lead -- the way in terms of innovation. And, this power, of course, frees up work stations to focus on the highest ROI activities possible.

Don't think of Squeeze as a separate stand-alone product anymore -- Squeeze 8 is simply part of our overall completely unique video workflow ecosystem in which all of our products and solutions (Squeeze desktop, Squeeze Server, Sorenson 360, Sorenson Spark) all work together. That's our statement. That's our mission. That's the big story. The macro story.

(2) Continued relentless focus on enabling the highest quality video -- we always do more here than anyone else (hence the awards -- to see our latest click this linke) -- including our new support for industry leading video codec X.264; we are honored that our brand stands for highest quality video -- and has for years; this relentless focus on quality will always be job 1;

(3) Full adaptive bitrate encoding -- speaking of quality, all three major "flavors" are now supported (Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Adobe Dynamic Streaming) -- which is absolutely necessary to optimize quality across varying network conditions;

(4) Enhanced GPU acceleration -- speed, speed, speed! Enough said; your time matters; we get that (and offloading tedious encoding jobs to Squeeze Server anyone? See (1) above;

(5) Enhanced Ease-of-Use -- let's face it, Squeeze packs a powerful punch. That is the good. But, candidly, it can also be a challenge for some users. So, we listened. We provided significant enhancements to walk the user through every feature every step of the way. You can read more about these enhancements by clicking on the official press release link here;

(6) Lower Priced -- yes, again, we listened. New Squeeze "classic" is now $200 cheaper out the gates than prior Squeeze 7 ($200 cheaper to be exact); that alone is a big deal we think -- and, Jackie Dove of Macworld agrees -- click here to see her review;

(7) New Prosumer Edition -- with high quality video increasingly mission critical for more people and more ubiquitous than ever (due to HD smartphone video capture, among other things), we again listened to the market and are introducing a new "Squeeze Lite" prosumer edition at $199; Squeeze Lite packs the full quality punch of full Squeeze -- and gives broad format support and everything else prosumers and many video professionals need. Check out the features here by clicking on this link. We are excited about expanding our consumer base to fit the ever-changing realities of our increasingly video-rich lives. Macworld agrees that Squeeze Lite is a big deal -- read here;

I want to give a special thanks to the entire Sorenson Media team for this exciting launch. It is the best team in the business. The most expertise. The most ingenuity and creativity. The most passion to do things right. The most dedication to our customers. Trust me -- every single person cares and wants to change the video world.

But, you tell us -- let us know what YOU think. Are we succeeding in your eyes?

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