Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorenson Media Wins TechAmerica's "Best Internet Company" in San Diego

The phenomenally talented and passionate crew at Sorenson Media (some of us are pictured here) and I just returned from TechAmerica's annual technology awards in San Diego. And, I am honored to report that we just won the "Best Internet Company" award for San Diego (we are holding the award in the pic). This is another important honor for us, and we are thrilled to win it. Lots of great talent and companies here in San Diego -- we fly under the radar sometimes, but that's okay. We get to do things our way -- including wearing flip-flops while we do it. And, TechAmerica is a great organization that holds lots of clout. Earlier this year, I was honored to serve on TechAmerica's Cloud Commission that made recommendations directly to President Obama and his Administration. We were the only video solutions company to be represented on that Commission, reflecting Sorenson Media's unique reputation in the online/mobile video world.

Speaking of flip-flops, this most recent kudo follows immediately on the heels of winning Streaming Media's coveted European "Readers' Choice" award for "Best Transcoding Service." And, we also were just named to Streaming Media's 100 companies "that matter most" in video. And, that's not all -- we are also nominated for a record 5 Streaming Media U.S. "Readers' Choice" awards. Those will be announced in two weeks.

We are honored. And we are humbled. The team here is dedicated -- we are passionate -- and we really want to change the world.

Goliaths -- bring it on. This David has legs!