Monday, October 24, 2011

"I Think He (Jobs) Would've Loved to Have Conquered Television" -- Says Biographer

Steve Jobs' authorized biography is now on digital bookshelves everywhere. Who isn't going to buy it? Am watching the 60 Minutes piece tonight.

One choice intriguing cut -- Jobs' biographer, Walter Isaacson, writes the following about Jobs after becoming stricken with cancer:

"He knew the couple of things he wanted to do, which was the iPhone and then the iPad. He had a few other vision. I think he would've loved to have conquered television."

And, conquer television Apple will! The Apple faithful will absolutely fulfill Jobs' dream by releasing an all-in-one REAL flat-screen Apple TV (most likely called iTV) that will attempt to revolutionize the television viewing experience in much the same way that Apple first revolutionized the music experience (with the iPod and iTunes) and, second, the communications experience (with the iPhone). I have written about this several times -- and it isn't a question of "if." It is absolutely a question of "when."