Friday, October 14, 2011

Sorenson Squeeze -- Best Transcoding Solution Finalist -- Streaming Media Europe

Hot off the presses -- Sorenson Squeeze is a top 3 finalist for the coveted Streaming Media Europe "Readers' Choice" award for Best Transcoding Solution. Click on this link to see the full scoop.

Last year we won it -- next week we find out at this year's Streaming Media Europe show in London. Mark Lawson, our head of EMEA, is leading the charge for us over there -- and is speaking on a panel. Check it out. And then join him at the pub.

And Who Says Content Isn't King? Netflix Shells Out Another $1B

Online distribution companies continue to shell out the big -- massive -- bucks to stream motion picture and television content. And, the studios are the big beneficiaries, as I always expected they would be as multiple distribution outlets battle to deepen their content of offerings.

Case in point -- Netflix. According to the Wall Street Journal, the beleaguered company just agreed to pay nearly $1 Billion (yes "B"!) for streaming rights to shows from the CW Network -- you know, that network you never watch (but your kids likely do) that offer quality entertainment like "Gossip Girl." Although Netflix's rights are severely limited -- as one example, those shows cannot be streamed until after the relevant season ends -- Netflix will have the right to stream for perhaps more than a decade. Of course, Netflix's rights are not exclusive.

And, that's the beauty of content. Everyone needs it to have a service that matters. The deeper the pool, the more valuable the service is.

Who says "Content Isn't King"? It always will be ... always.