Monday, October 10, 2011

Sorenson Media Nominated for Record 5 Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" Awards

I am pleased to announce that my company, Sorenson Media, has been nominated for a record five (5) coveted Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" awards; this unprecedented number reflects the unique breadth of our overall award-winning video solutions:

(1) Best Online Video Transcoding Company -- Squeeze Server (enterprise transcoding), Sorenson Squeeze (desktop encoding software), Sorenson 360 (our online video platform -- OVP);

(2) Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service -- Squeeze Cloud;

(3) Best Encoding Software (over $1,000) -- Squeeze Server;

(4) Best Encoding Software (under $1,000) -- Sorenson Squeeze; and

(5) Best Online Video Platform -- Sorenson 360.

We owe this, of course, all to our loyal long-time customers. We have aimed to please you -- and innovate for you -- for the past decade plus. That is our mission. And, we are absolutely committed to better meeting your needs going forward.

Click here to vote by getting to the Streaming Media site, registering, and casting your vote in each of the five above categories.