Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Christopher Allen Scores a "Twofer" As GM of Napster

Congratulations to my long-time friend and colleague Christopher Allen, General Manager of no-longer-Best Buy's storied online music service Napster! As you undoubtedly have read by now, Rhapsody just acquired Napster in an all-stock transaction.

This marks Christopher's third consecutive "win" in the online music/media world. He first hit the big time when we worked closely together "back in the day" at digital music pioneer Musicmatch, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2004 for $160 million cash. After his stint at Yahoo!, he became my old friend Chris Gorog's right-hand man at Napster (Gorog and I had worked previously together at Universal Studios). Napster, of course, was acquired by Best Buy for $121 million in 2008, and Allen later became General Manager of Napster at Best Buy.

And, now, the third time is the charm for Christopher, including his "twofer" with Napster.

I have used Rhapsody as my primary on-demand streaming service for years now. Things now will only get better with the expanded music catalog and other "goodies." And, Rhapsody will immediately expand its subscriber footprint by 50% -- to 1.2 million paid users.