Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super HD Premium Video -- Front & Center at Today's Amazon Kindle Fire Press Conference

All eyes in the tech world later this morning will be focused on Amazon and its big Kindle Fire tablet announcement. With the Kindle Fire, Amazon takes on Apple's iPad directly -- and this challenger will be formidable and WILL eat into iPad sales. I recently wrote about this (click here).

What is Amazon's headline story -- and key message of attack against the iPad -- at today's press event? Super HD premium motion picture and television video content, streaming services, and playback via a super HD resolution screen, that's what. The clues are everywhere.

First, Amazon's opportunity. Amazon will exploit the iPad's largest chink in its armor -- i.e., the fact that Apple, still surprisingly, provides no premium video content streaming service of its own whatsoever despite the fact that a tablet's killer experience IS video. Apple simply has not yet secured sufficient critical mass of motion picture and television rights from the media companies that it believes is necessary to provide a compelling service.

But, Amazon has. Amazon just closed another massive premium content deal with Fox, thereby further underscoring its absolute commitment to its Amazon Prime service. Amazon's recent announcement of that deal -- just last week -- was no accident. This was a textbook move to lay the groundwork for today's announcement. And, trust me, the media giants want non-Apple tablet and streaming services to become formidable competitors to the Cupertino gang. The more significant competition, the higher go the prices for licensing premium content. Amazon will not disappoint.

Second, Amazon was just caught testing a super HD video that most likely will be featured to showcase its video headline. This super HD video was shot with a Red One camera that supports resolutions of 4,096 by 2,304 pixels -- significantly greater than standard HD video.

Great premium motion picture and television content. Great seamless super HD playback on a tablet whose raison d'etre is video. Great brand with a great and massive existing customer base hungry for more than books.

Amazon will have a success here ... a big one ....