Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Great Fireball of 2011 -- Happy Anniversary!

What's going on here? Yet another more personal post?

Well, there is a digital media/technology angle here, so bear with me.

Yesterday, as my wife, Luisa, and I sat in our backyard in San Diego celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, we saw a massive fireball streaking diagonally across the night sky and seemingly all the way down to Earth. She saw it first, told me to look up and -- yup -- there it was. And it was massive -- unlike anything we had seen before. Happened around 7:45 pm. I know that lighting candles is romantic, but this was a bit over-the-top!

Well, turn's out that we weren't imagining things and we certainly weren't alone (which is not surprising given what we saw). Spottings from all around blazed across the Internet -- yes, that is the digital media part of this post -- and I was one of them, tweeting the news for no one in particular to read. And, NASA has confirmed -- yes, that is the technology part of this post -- that this spectacular object was most likely a "fireball" or very bright meteor (which is apparently different from a shooting star and is much more rare than a shooting star).

Listen people -- give me some credit -- I arranged this whole thing to impress my wife!