Monday, September 12, 2011

Vikings Lost, But We Won

Yesterday I took my little man, Luca (nearly nine years old), to his first NFL football game -- my Minnesota Vikings v the San Diego Chargers down here at Qualcomm Stadium. We live here in San Diego of course, but I will always be a die-hard Vikes fan (I will leave it up to Luca to decide what he wants to be!).

Inevitably -- my Vikes blew a 17-7 half-time lead and lost 24-17.

But, my son and I won -- was an amazing way to spend 9/11 -- and was a great experience neither of us will forget. We tail-gated with Chad Hummel, my best friend (and co-Vikes commiserator) since 2nd grade who is now a hot shot white collar criminal attorney in LA. We got great seats. We were moved by the 9/11 ceremony -- full football field-sized flag and stadium flyover. Was a spectacle. And, was spectacular.

I know this ain't a post about digital media at all. But it is a post about a special moment in our life. One for the ages ...