Sunday, September 11, 2011

Live in San Diego, But Feeling Minnesota -- Vikes/Chargers Today on 9/11

Today is a very big day for all kinds of reasons. For me on the more personal side, it's a very big day for nostalgia, as my Minnesota Vikings take on the San Diego Chargers down here in San Diego (where I live with my family). Why Minnesota? Because I grew up there and the Purple People Eaters have broken my football heart from the very beginning. Perhaps the most frustrating team in the history of football year after year -- but I still gotta love 'em (even though I have lived here in Southern California since 1989)! Your football heart always belongs to your childhood team.

What's especially cool about today's game is that I will be taking my little man, Luca (now almost 9), to his first professional football game ever. And, both of us will be proudly wearing Vikings jerseys (he has grown up watching me throw pillows at the TV screen). And, as an added bonus, my best friend since 2nd grade -- Chad Hummel (who has experience the pain with me year after year since our childhood) -- will join us.

We leave soon for Qualcomm. Will be one for the ages!