Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NEW Squeeze Server 1.5 Differentiated Enterprise Transcoding ... Just In Time for IBC!

In conjunction with the kick-off of the major IBC tech conference in Amsterdam, I am pleased to announce a major new Sorenson Media product release -- i.e., enterprise-focused Squeeze Server 1.5.

Squeeze Server 1.5 offers best-in-class enterprise video transcoding with full adaptive bitrate support -- that means presets for Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Adobe Dynamic Streaming. We believe this is the first enterprise-grade software transcoding solution to offer adaptive support across all three major "flavors." In other words, Sorenson innovation. Sorenson award-winning quality. And, significantly, Sorenson disruption of the legacy enterprise video transcoding market.

Squeeze Server 1.5 is the enhanced on-premise, behind-the-firewall version of Squeeze Server that uniquely leverages the differentiated power of the Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine to streamline workflows for broadcasters and other enterprise users. Only Squeeze Server 1.5 offers hundreds of intelligent video encoding presets that automate the process of transcoding video files to optimize playback in our increasingly multi-screen world. And, uniquely in the marketplace (revolutionary, in fact), Squeeze Server 1.5 also can work seamlessly with Sorenson's industry-first enterprise-grade Cloud-based video transcoding solutions to offer customers excess capacity and ultimate flexibility --in other words, the market's first real hybrid video transcoding solutions.

There's a lot here. Too much to write in this post. Here is the link to our official press release. Now, get going and Squeeze to your hearts content!

Online TV/Movie Distribution -- Current State of Affairs

Industry guru Ryan Lawler of Gigaom just posted a great "must read" analysis of the current state of affairs in online TV and movie distribution. Rather than pull out a few sound-bites, here is the link to the full post itself. Ryan -- I hope that you don't mind that I have officially christened you a guest blogger today.

A few of us here at Sorenson Media affectionately call Lawler the Woodward & Bernstein in our online/mobile video market. I read his posts regularly (and sometimes comment on his Twitter-sent musical tastes); and he frequently unearths relevant industry-related nuggets that others do not. I agree with this specific web TV analysis for the most part -- it is very insightful. My only point of slight disagreement is that I believe that the era of experimentation for online video business models is still early, early, early. I recently wrote about such experimentation myself -- click here to read that earlier post.