Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Massive Consumer Smart Phone Video Capture Opportunity

You have a smart phone, right? And, you capture personal HD videos of your family and friends now all the time, right?

Well, you are not alone. Important new data underscores what we already know -- consumers are now ditching their traditional stand-alone camcorders in favor of their smart phones that are with them all the time. A whopping 45% of consumers now use their smart phones to capture personal video at least once per week; while a full 17% do it at least once per day! And, this is just the beginning my friends ... mark my words here.

Why? Because no more thinking is required. No planning for a video capture-worthy event. Your smart phone is simply there ... all the time. This is now the era of serendipitous vid capture. And, of course, this is now beautiful HD video.

But, here's the problem -- as pointed out in this post from Gigaom (click here) -- consumers simply don't know what to do with those captured HD videos. How do I, as a consumer, easily get those videos off my phone and into a secure personal video locker so that I can archive them and manage them? And, how can I easily share those personal HD videos with family and friends without dumbing down the HD quality via email or text messaging? Remember, these are your personal videos -- these are your kids, your families, your friends. You don't want those to be shared to the world via YouTube.

So, there's the massive opportunity -- right there. Whoever solves this consumer personal video "store and share" opportunity will win ... and win big.

Funny how we, at Sorenson Media, already have cracked that nut. We power Shutterfly video "store and share" after all. And, we absolutely believe that we are only at the beginning of this overall opportunity ...

Keep capturing those videos ... your easy-to-use and highly secure solution awaits ...