Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Climate Change

I recently wrote about my own climate change "wake up" call as a result of my discussion with venture capitalist Dan Miller of the Roda Group -- who also is an expert on the subject. Click on this link to review that post. Miller's perspectives -- which are based, in significant part, by this ongoing interaction with the world's foremost climate change scientist -- are worthy of real consideration. (FYI -- as a VC -- Dan & Roda have had a string of continuous major "wins", including Ask Jeeves, Solazyme (which recently successfully went public), and my very own former company, SightSpeed (which was acquired by Logitech).

A fundamental problem of utmost concern in relation to climate change, according to Miller, is the mainstream media's continuing turning of its back to the topic. Simply, the media, for the most part, has chosen to ignore the issue -- to the great peril of global consideration and internalization of the true scope of this human-induced climate change reality that virtually every scientist considers to be a reality. Case in point -- page 1 of today's USA Today (the online version of which can be clicked on here). Despite the headline -- "In 2011, record-tying nine $1B weather disasters" -- NOwhere does the article refer to climate change! And, this follows recognition by the writer that, in his words, "Nationwide, the number of natural disasters has tripled in the last two decades."

This example is simply a continuation of the world's collective "head in the sand" on, what many believe, is the most significant issue to have ever faced human civilization (and is happening in real time now). Why? As Dan pointed out before, for many, this issue is simply too difficult for many to even conceptually get their arms around. Bottom line -- instead, the world chooses to ignore it ... until we eventually get to the point where we can't ....