Friday, August 12, 2011

Outside Lands Starts Today! Arcade Fire, Muse, Decemberists, Shins +++

Like Scott McKenzie (and me), "If you're going to San Francisco ..." today for the beginning of the mega Outside Lands music festival, what a weekend of music it will be. My wife, Luisa, will join me for the first time to one of these festivals. Not a huge fan of massive crowds -- and not nearly as music-obsessed as I. But, she is ready ... she thinks!

My highlights for today are MGMT first and then The Shins to close the night. On day 2, Arctic Monkeys, SIA, The Black Keys and Muse to end the night with a flourish. I saw Muse 2X before -- once at Coachella and later in LA -- and it was the Coachella concert that convinced me they are the best live band in the world in terms of sheer spectacle. Finally, day 3, for me, will be highlighted by Junip, The Decemberists and Arcade Fire to bring the festival to a final close. I missed Arcade Fire this year at Coachella, so this will be a big deal for me. I hear they are great live. But, will they take the crown from Muse?

Stay tuned, I will write my review first thing next week.

What is the Digital Media connection here? Well, social media of course. You likely will be getting some Tweeted reviews at certain points over the weekend.