Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cloud-Based Video Workflow Solutions -- Undeniable Factoids to Support Ultimate Undeniable Dominance

Online and mobile video, of course, are already central to enterprise strategies -- from premium content delivery (motion picture and television), to general sales and marketing, to educating and training, to consumer UGC. That means video workflows -- and workflow solutions (i.e., enabling tools used all along the chain of content creation to content delivery) -- are increasingly critical to each and every business, no matter how large or small.

And, to enable optimized video most efficiently and cost-effectively amidst the multi-screen and increasingly complex video world, cloud-based video solutions ultimately will be vital and will disrupt the current world of expensive and inflexible legacy hardware-centric solutions. We are still in the early innings here, of course, but this rise is inevitable.

Here are some compelling stats to back up this conclusion -- I have culled from a variety of sources (the sources are listed in parentheses). These stats represent a veritable treasure trove of research.

-- the overall market today for worldwide "video asset management" solutions is $10-$15 billion (KIT Digital)

-- by 2014, IP video traffic will be 6X greater than it was in 2009, and video will represent over 91% of all consumer IP traffic (Cisco)

-- the global smart phone market totaled 297 million units in 2010 (Citigroup Global Markets), will total 420 million units this year in 2011 (IMS Research), and will represent 90% of the overall mobile phone market by 2015 (Chetan Sharma); smart phones already represent the majority of new mobile purchases in the U.S. (Nielsen)

-- by 2014, IPTV/OTT delivery will grow 38X over 2009 (Cisco)

-- the global cable market was $127 billion in 2010, and will reach $200 billion by 2015 fueled by IPTV ("TV Everywhere"-type) services (BCC Research)

-- by 2016, the OTT (over-the-top services such as Netflix and Hulu) market will reach $16.4 billion (IMS Research)

-- 43% of consumers now use their mobile phone as their primary camera (PC Magazine), and this fast becoming the same with respect to video capture

-- the cloud services market will reach $72.9 billion by 2015 (IDC)

-- the mobile cloud computing market will be 100X greater in 2014 than it was in 2010 and will reach $20 billion (Chetan Sharma)

-- the U.S. government has already instituted a "Cloud First" policy -- and TechAmerica's Cloud Commission just reported its recommendations to the Obama Administration that will fast-track cloud adoption by government agencies -- click here for more information about these recommendations.