Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sorenson Media Chosen as 2011 Global 250 Top Private Company

Okay, am back from vacation (hence the dearth of blog posts of late) -- Budapest, by the way, is absolutely the most beautiful city by night.

My first post back is about my company, Sorenson Media. I try to address diverse digital media and technology topics in my blog, and not use it purely as a soapbox for what we do at Sorenson Media. But, there are times -- like today -- where I can't resist. Specifically, I am proud to announce that Sorenson Media has been recognized by AlwaysOn as a 2011 Global 250 Top Private Company. This is a big deal because the list of possible winners spans the globe -- and we were selected among literally thousands of domestic and technology companies that had been nominated by investors, bankers, journalists and insiders. Click here on this link to read our official press release that just hit the wires this morning.

I am proud of the team here at Sorenson Media. I have oft-written about the critical foundational importance of passion, from which all else flows. And, my team has it in spades (not to mention our investors, who are passionate about the overall market opportunity and our position within it). We are proud of this recognition.