Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorenson Spark's Herit(age) Attracts Yet Another New Partner

Sorenson Media welcomes its latest partner -- Herit Corporation, a VoIP services and telecommunications services packages provider. Herit has become our latest in our long and growing list of licensing partners of our Sorenson Spark video codec (click here to see that list).

Sorenson Spark is the world's most ubiquitous video codec in the world -- its herit-age is legend, being the first video codec to enable video playback in Macromedia/Adobe Flash; and it being the first codec used by YouTube to encode all user videos.

In the words of Herit's General Manager of the Communications Convergence team, Jongtaek Oh, "We're excited to join the impressive list of Sorenson Spark licensees, as Sorenson Spark is recognized and used internationally to provide complete playback of Internet video."

Demand for Sorenson Spark has only intensified over the past few years precisely because mobile operators, CE companies and others like Herit want to enable their customers to offer the largest possible playback of optimized video over the Internet and mobile devices.

We welcome Herit into the fold.