Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Personal Training, Without the Verbal Abuse -- Nike Training Club App

I work out regularly. Keeps me sane. My typical workout -- which I try to do at least 4 days per week -- is 30 minutes cardio (usually running) and 30 minutes lifting. (Don't worry, there is a digital media angle here coming ....)

But, I haven't changed my workout for years, which is something that everyone who knows anything tells you must be done to optimize results. And, quite frankly, I am too cheap to hire a personal trainer to shake it up and bring me to a new level. That's the problem.

Problem solved. Welcome to the "Nike Training Club", a brilliant new app that is available for free at Apple's App Store. I am already hooked (three workouts so far), and each kicked my butt.

Here's the deal -- there are four categories of workouts: "Get Lean", "Get Toned", "Get Strong" and "Get Focused". You pick one, and within each category, there are three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. And, each sub-category features several individual workouts of varying length (ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes). Each individual workout features a soothing female voice to guide you through the different individual segments, times it down for you, gives you workout reminders to make sure you are doing it right, and features an optional video to show you precisely how that particular exercise should be done. And, you can set your music to it (although I was disappointed that I couldn't use Pandora, Rhapsody or any other online music service). You also score points at the end of each workout -- yes, there is a gratification element.

And, these workouts work -- they are tough (if you want them to be) -- and they are compelling. My last 45 minutes workout was yesterday, and I still can't walk without looking like a wounded dog.

Bottom line -- now you have your own personal trainer in your pocket -- everything you need, except the yelling, verbal abuse and humiliation! This is a definite "Digital Media Update" recommended app!