Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kirk Punches -- Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Sorenson Media's very own -- Kirk Punches (VP Business Development) -- has just launched his own digital media/technology blog. Click here to check it out.

Kirk is a very smart and talented guy -- and he has a lot to say. Among other things, he just opened our new Los Angeles office and is our point man in the media and entertainment industry. And, he personally drove our recent partnership with storied media company Technicolor.

Welcome to the blogosphere Kirk!

We Are the Champions! Forgive My Self-Aggrandizing Post

Woo Hoo! My hoops team won the 4x4 Santaluz Club championship last night in back-to-back nail-biters! (Well, okay, maybe there wasn't much of a crowd there ... or, not a crowd at all ...). That's right, back-to-back games -- first, beating back the 2nd seed (we were seeded 3rd, although we had the same record); and then beating back the 1st seed with monster play under the boards. I would like to think this tremendous honor was a result of my coaching (my primary decision being a brilliant one -- i.e., not starting me!). This rag tag group will now forever adorn the hallowed walls of the Santaluz Club gym -- immortalized forever!

Yes, I know -- what does this have to do with digital media? Absolutely nothing! But, when you get to my storied age, self-aggrandizement (and perhaps sports delusion?) is all you got!