Tuesday, April 26, 2011

London Calling! No Clash Here As Mark Lawson Is Ideal Fit to Lead Sorenson Media's New European Office

We at Sorenson Media are pleased to announce our new London office that is headed up by industry veteran Mark Lawson. London is our first European office, and this news follows fast on the heels of our recently announced office in Los Angeles headed up by Kirk Punches. Apart from our other offices here in the U.S. both in San Diego and Salt Lake City, London joins our other international offices in Tokyo and Seoul.

London is a natural fit for us as a company and is a direct response for growing UK and European demand for our broad array of video encoding solutions. As we have reported previously, despite receiving no direct Euro-centric marketing in the past, London has been our top online revenue generating city for quite some time and by a significant margin (over challenger New York City) -- and Europe, overall, accounts for about 30% of all online revenues. Why? Because London (and Europe in general) is the home of significant video production, of course. Among other things, this is a clear indicator of the growing importance -- and opportunity -- of the international markets to us.