Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Mesmerizing Video -- Slow-Mo Skydiving

Watch this mesmerizing video --

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Yes, Apple Can Do No Wrong -- But, What's Next? iTV -- Trust Me On This One

Wow! What else can you say about Apple's just announced quarterly earnings? Wow, wow, wow, wow! Nearly $25 BILLION in sales -- for a 3 month period! Revenues were up an astonishing 83% year-over-year -- but, that's nothing compared to the fact that profits were up an astonishing-er 95% to $6 BILLION! And, get this -- 50% of Apple's quarterly revenues came from a product it didn't even sell a couple years back -- that's right, the iPhone now makes up over half of Apple's overall revenues.

The company simply can do no wrong.

But, how can any company -- even Apple -- keep this up? It simply isn't possible, is it?

Here's the answer -- here's Apple's next great frontier -- it is the living room. And, it is the REAL Apple TV (not the current impostor). The real Apple TV -- which will inevitably be dubbed the "iTV" -- will be a beautiful all-in-one flat screen that marries the hardware with the services in a way that Apple is singularly notorious for. It will be no separate box -- it will be an elegant work of art (or, at least, that's what we will all believe based on the Apple marketing machine). And, if Apple builds it, people most surely will come. And, they will pay -- and they will pay top premium dollars because they will pay more for anything Apple builds.

I have written about this before (here's my earlier detailed analysis about "why") -- this is not an "if" question -- it most certainly is a question of "when."