Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Interview in TechCrunch Announcing Our Technicolor Partnership

On Friday, I was interviewed by Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch about our new partnership with Technicolor (about which I just posted and which was just announced). This is my 800th blog post -- and representing Sorenson Media in TechCrunch for this post is a nice way to celebrate it. Here is the video interview. And, here is the TechCrunch post itself that gives more detail to it.

Technicolor Chooses Sorenson Media to Transform Hollywood Production Via the Cloud

Today we, at Sorenson Media, proudly announce that legendary mega-media & entertainment company Technicolor has partnered with us to harness the power of the Cloud to revolutionize the motion picture and television "dailies" process (which is at the core of production). Here is the link to our press release. And, here is the link to Technicolor's separate press release. "Dailies" are the actual video footage shot each day on set and, as you can imagine, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, business execs and others need to review that footage continuously during a shoot -- and provide feedback continuously -- throughout the production to get to the desired final product.

That means that these "dailies" are the very core of overall production. And, as you can imagine, apart from quality, security is absolutely fundamental and mission-critical with these dailies. If those dailies get into the wrong hands or are otherwise leaked, then those prized video assets (and the millions of dollars of value they represent) are compromised. Actors' reputations also are at stake -- remember Christian Bale's leaked on-set rant on the Batman production that was aired by TMZ? -- that's because things certainly were not as locked down as they needed to be.

Perhaps shockingly, up to now, the dailies process has been very "old school" as a result of these security concerns. On-set video footage would be burned to a disc -- and those discs would either be couriered across town for viewing or fed-ex'd across the globe. Needless to say, not only was this extremely inefficient and still highly insecure, this process also made the actual feedback process extremely cumbersome and unwieldy.

Enter Technicolor and Sorenson Media to introduce the media & entertainment industry's first high quality and highly secure and interactive "digital dailies" solution -- called ShareVUE -- to solve all of these problems. ShareVUE enables those on-set to simply (1) easily upload that video footage into the Cloud -- SECURELY! -- (2) where it is transcoded utilizing Sorenson Media's renown Squeeze engine that results in the highest video quality -- (3) where those transcoded files are then immediately delivered (SECURELY!) to the director et al. directly to their iPads, iPhones, laptops from the Cloud -- and (4) where those delivered files can be viewed (SECURELY!) and commented on right there in the ShareVUE application so that the feedback loop is complete. If this sounds hard, it is because it is. And, this was only possible by the combined innovation of Technicolor and Sorenson Media -- to read more about how we do it using our Squeeze Solution Pack product, click on this link.

We are honored that Technicolor entrusted this key foundational part of the media & entertainment industry process and workflow to us here at Sorenson Media. Technicolor is a multi-billion dollar global colossus that has deep industry relationships that it has formed over its 95 years (from the very beginnings of Hollywood). In Q4 2010, the company generated well over $1 billion in revenues. And, in its most recent press release announcing its Q4 2010 results, the company underscored that its "digital businesses" are at the core of fueling its future growth. Technicolor joins our growing list of blue-chip partners, which reads like a virtual "who's who" of the media and technology industries -- including Google, Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Shutterfly and Avid.