Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorenson 360 -- Our OVP -- Now Significantly Enhanced!

Yet another major product announcement for us at Sorenson Media -- today we unleash our significant enhanced version of Sorenson 360, our online video platform. You can read all the details by clicking this link. And, here is ReelSEO's take on our launch -- click here.

To be clear, we are video solutions company, as I recently wrote (click here for that post). We don't consider ourselves to be an online video platform (OVP) company alone. Rather, Sorenson 360 is another component of our overall video solutions -- a critical one, but not just one of many. Yes, Sorenson 360 is an excellent stand-alone online video platform for those customers who need it and nothing more. But, Sorenson 360 also is a fundamental part of significant enterprise deployments -- one of which is Shutterfly (to power their consumer-focused video "store and share" service).

It's been a very busy 2011 for us already -- first, we launched Squeeze 7 (our award-winning desktop encoding application); then, we launched Squeeze Live (our live event transcoding solution); then, we launched Squeeze Server On Premise and our overall Hybrid transcoding services; and now we launch our significantly enhanced version of Sorenson 360.

Expect several other significant announcements coming soon ...