Friday, March 11, 2011

The Passion That Is Paul Yorke

I have previously written about the power of passion being a central ingredient of entrepreneurial success -- if not THE central reason.

Well, meet Paul Yorke of Sorenson Media -- he's got passion in spades and he embodies that spirit. Paul is a talented developer on our team in San Diego -- a guy with great proactive ideas (like his "weather ball" that visually shows us each moment how we are doing in terms of our overall online sales) -- a guy with endless dedication. He will do whatever it takes. And, he is a great guy. You couldn't ask for anything more on your team.

Here's the latest example of his passion -- Paul is the first person to have lined up at the Apple store in Carlsbad, California to be the first to get his mitts on the new iPad2. Click here to see what that's all about and a news interview of him (his passion being so deep that he is sporting a coveted Sorenson Media hoodie!). Paul is now a local -- and now very tired -- celebrity. Why wait in line for so long?

For anyone who is passionate about anything, why ask why?