Monday, February 28, 2011

"Hybrid" Video Transcoding -- Best of Both Worlds (Cloud & On Premise Solutions)

In a recent guest post on Streaming Media I wrote at length about the promise and power of Cloud video transcoding. Obviously, the topic is of great interest to many -- surprisingly perhaps (certainly surprised me) my posts are still the #2 and #3 organic search results when you google "enterprise encoding."

But, despite the many inherent advantages of encoding in the Cloud, many enterprises still aren't quite ready to fully embrace it. Many enterprises have, for example, already made significant investments in hardware and other infrastructure (CAPEX) and are reluctant to cast it aside.

The good news is that now they don't need to.

Welcome to the hybrid model for enterprise transcoding. Despite what others may have you believe, the choice is not "either/or" Cloud vis-a-vis on premise solutions. The beautiful thing is that now -- for the first time -- you can have both. The best of both worlds.

Today we officially announce new Squeeze On Premise enterprise transcoding -- which complements our Cloud-based transcoding solutions (Squeeze Managed Server and enterprise-grade Squeeze Solution Pack). Read the full press release by clicking on this link. Now, the enterprise can utilize the transcoding capacity of its already-purchased fixed servers -- BUT, can free itself from the burden of acquiring additional hardware and capacity to handle "spikey" transcoding demand (which is frequently the case). Now, the enterprise can utilize the Cloud efficiently -- and much more cost-effectively -- to handle excess spikey capacity scenarios, thereby giving the enterprise unprecedented flexibility. In this way, the enterprise also gets a taste of the power of the Cloud -- and perhaps can begin to ween itself off of the never-ending treadmill of purchasing significant new hardware over and over again as it becomes obsolete. This is a great emancipating development for you, the enterprise, but is unwelcome news to the old-guard big box hardware transcoding standard bearers who have built their business models on the never ending treadmill of repeat expensive box purchases.

I am pleased to announce that, once again, Sorenson Media is leading the way in innovation with the availability of this new Hybrid Solution. No one else offers anything like it -- and, of course, all of our solutions feature our proprietary award-winning Squeeze encoding engine that produces the highest quality and most versatile video to reach any device and platform, under any conditions.

Make no mistake -- our enterprise solutions -- which now include "Squeeze On Premise" (which enables Hybrid deployments) -- represent a full frontal assault against old world legacy big box hardware transcoding solutions that frequently cost tens of thousands of dollar right out of the gate (plus ongoing OPEX, maintenance, headaches ... and neverending purchases). The cost of our enterprise solutions -- whether on premise or in the Cloud -- are a fraction of the cost.

This is the brave new world of enterprise transcoding. Full press release here.