Friday, February 25, 2011

Google Changes Its Search Recipe -- How Does This Impact You?

Yesterday, Google implemented significant "tweaks" to its search algorithm in an attempt to fight "content farms", spammers, scrapers, etc. Accordingly, your company-related search results -- both organic and paid -- may be different now than they were previously. Early this morning, I spent considerable time Googling terms related to our video encoding market -- "encoding", "transcoding", "enterprise encoding", "enterprise transcoding", "video encoding", "video transcoding". And, the results were fascinating (although not entirely satisfying on many occasions).

As just one example, when I googled "enterprise encoding", my recent blog post on Cloud transcoding organically appeared as the #2 result on page 1 (and on several pages thereafter). But, despite my company's place in the encoding/transcoding industry, neither Sorenson Media -- nor any of our encoding/transcoding solutions (except for our new "Squeeze Live" solution) -- appeared anywhere in the first 10 pages (either organically or via paid ads)!

You can bet I will be speaking with my marketing team about that! (And, you may be having a similar conversation with your marketing teams later today after you do some probing of your own.)