Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing "Squeeze Live" -- The First LIVE Event Transcoding Solution in the Cloud

As I recently wrote, my company, Sorenson Media, is squarely enterprise-driven and focused. We are a video solutions company that harnesses the power of our own award-winning components, together with best-of-breed partner technology, to solve the non-"cookie cutter" needs of the enterprise. Until now, we were purely file-based -- offering innovative VOD transcoding solutions.

That has now all changed.

By popular demand (i.e., our enterprise customers increasingly asked for it) today we introduce "Squeeze Live" which is, as far as we know, the FIRST fully Cloud-based live event transcoding solution (click here to read more about the Squeeze Live solution). This is a big deal -- a very big deal. In conjunction with this major announcement (which we made from Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress), we announce our new partnership with Kulabyte, another true innovator in the mobile and Internet video world, with whom we collaborated to make this all possible.

New Squeeze Live gives the enterprise an entirely new way to broadcast and stream major live events (think sporting events, news) in real-time, with high quality, across all network bandwidth conditions to the ever-increasing number of mobile and connected devices (iPads, iPhones, Droid phones, tablets, etc.) -- from the Cloud. That means lower cost, much greater flexibility and simplicity, and significantly fewer logistical nightmares for the enterprise.