Friday, January 28, 2011

The Big Tech IPO -- "We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

2011 marks the year that the Big Tech IPO is back after being all but dead in the last two years.

Exhibit A -- Online micro-content generation site Demand Media just went public Wednesday with a big spike from its original price (although shares came back to Earth a bit yesterday).

Exhibit B -- LinkedIn, the largest social networking site for professionals (all of us have profiles on it), filed for an IPO yesterday and expects to go public later this year with a multi-billion dollar valuation. And, later this year it is anticipated that Groupon and Skype, among others, will go public. Online video site Hulu also may join the fray, although Hulu -- as I wrote just yesterday -- is in the midst of an identity crisis and continues to push back its plans as a result.

Of course, the big daddy of them all is Facebook -- which is expected to wait until 2012 for its big day.