Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Squeeze 7 is Out! Jan Ozer Calls It the "Obvious Choice"

Squeeze 7 has launched! It is live. And, one of the industry's leading and most respected experts, Jan Ozer, calls it the "obvious choice" amongst desktop encoding tools. He also reveals his conclusions of Streaming Media's yet-to-be-released annual encoder roundup and writes, "if we presented our results in Academy Award format, Squeeze would pretty much win all the majors."

This is extremely gratifying to the team over here who have toiled long and hard to make Squeeze the most innovative desktop encoding application for video professionals (and the worthy companion to our innovative enterprise-grade Cloud-based video transcoding solutions known as Squeeze Server). Our goal is to meet every video transcoding need with the most innovative and highest quality video encoding solutions.

Too many innovative and industry-first features to write here -- but, our press release outlines these in detail -- click here to read it.

And, as always, we don't want you to take our word or Jan's word alone. Test drive it for yourself for free.