Monday, January 17, 2011

2 Weeks Later, Still #2 On the Charts -- The Power of the Cloud

Two weeks ago, my guest post about Cloud transcoding -- and the promise and power of the Cloud in 2011 -- was published in industry leading Streaming Media (click here for the link). Two weeks later, the article still ranks as the #2 most popular article on Streaming Media. In fact, the story is #2 with a bullet because it has risen in popularity over time.

Is this the result of great writing? No. It is simply a reflection of the great interest there is right now in the Cloud in general, and video transcoding in the Cloud in particular. My post -- which was a collaborative effort with great input from my talented senior staff (who have years of experience with the Cloud) -- gives a nice high level overview of all the benefits of the Cloud with respect to video transcoding. And, the response to it has been gratifying.

Expect more thought pieces about the video industry -- including the "demystification" of several highly confusing developments -- in the days and weeks ahead. I will keep my readers posted about these.