Friday, January 14, 2011

The Cloud Opens Up Enterprise Transcoding Possibilities

I recently have written a great deal about the power of the Cloud in connection with enterprise video transcoding (click here to read my recently featured guest blog on Streaming Media that discusses all the benefits of the Cloud). The power of the Cloud is fast becoming understood.

As a result, the interest in, and demand for, Cloud transcoding solutions are accelerating -- and they are surpassing even our own aggressive expectations at this point (click here to read more about Sorenson Media's enterprise-grade Cloud transcoding solutions).

We at Sorenson Media have a team that has been Cloud-focused -- and enterprise focused -- for years. And, of course, the tech team has the pedigree of our company's 15 year record of innovation (and well before that for many prior to Sorenson Media's inception). I am gratified to say that this is not lost on others -- yet another story broke today in that regard right in the heart of Silicon Valley (click here to read).