Monday, January 10, 2011

CES 2011 -- It's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Just 6 weeks before CES 2011 I was doubtful that my company, Sorenson Media, would attend in any meaningful way. There are so many conferences, and so little time. And, quite frankly, the last few CES's were fairly unproductive (I have attended over 10 CES's at this point in my career).

But, then we thought about it -- and we changed our tune. Attend we did (8 of us at the company for virtually the entire event). And, I am glad we did.

I will try to write more later -- but, in a few words, CES 2011 was the single most productive conference I have ever attended in my career (and that's a lot of conferences). Most in our group felt the same way.

Why was it so productive? Because -- this time -- virtually "everyone" seemed to be there. For that reason, we engaged in a non-stop string of business meetings with some of the biggest and best names in technology and the overall video eco-system. Literally it was a non-stop. I barely had a chance to walk the floor (in fact, I essentially didn't).

I expect real tangible and meaningful business resulting from this event -- announcements that will flow later this year.

I am bullish -- very bullish.

CES 2011 -- glad to have met you.