Tuesday, January 04, 2011

THE Hot Story for CES 2011 -- TV Everywhere

CES 2011's big story will be scores (hundreds?) of new gadgets and devices to watch your favorite TV programming anywhere -- on your smart phone, on your new tablet, and in your living room via connected devices. Given the competition, few of these will gain real meaningful consumer traction. But, those that do will be massive winners (and we are still early, early, early in the mobile and online video game).

Other winners in this brave new world of TV everywhere? Certain service providers of course (although the competition will be legion). Content providers as well (although "winning" will be a long-term proposition until winning business models are proven out via a combination of on demand purchases, subscription services, and ad-driven models; but, make no mistake, although the prospects for effective content owner monetization now may seem daunting, the coming ubiquity of video -- anytime, anywhere, on demand -- will prove to be a boon and all of us will look back at all the angst right now as being a moment in time).

And, of course, all of this video must be encoded ... all of it. And, quality, flexibility and expertise matters because making video look great -- and making it look great across all platforms and all new devices -- is hard, hard, hard.

I like where we at Sorenson Media stand in this equation (and apologize for this blatant plug, but these are exciting times). Our new enterprise-grade server-side video transcoding solutions can be the necessary enablers.