Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sorenson Media 2010 -- Our Year in Review (Top 10+ List)

It's that time of year -- end of year lists. And, here's mine for my company, Sorenson Media -- our Top Ten list for 2010 (actually, I am throwing in an extra one for no extra charge):

(1) 35 Percent-plus Revenue Growth. Perhaps most importantly, we experienced significant revenue growth across each product line, highlighted by consecutive quarters of more than 35 percent overall revenue growth;

(2) 30 Percent-plus Staff Expansion. I am proud to say that we expanded our team by more than 30 percent during the past year, including expansion across every department, and particularly in enterprise sales to meet the needs of new clients as the demand for our enterprise-level video encoding solutions accelerates (more on that below);

(3) Major New Enterprise Customers. We had several significant new customer “wins” for our portfolio of best-in-class video solutions, including Shutterfly, Go Daddy and Compuware Gomez; expect many more significant announcements in early 2011;

(4) Major New Sorenson Spark Licensees. we also experienced major expansion of our Sorenson Spark codec licensing program, which now includes some of the most recognized and innovative consumer electronics and mobile brands (including LG, Samsung and others);

(5) Released Sorenson Squeeze Server. In November 2010, we launched the first enterprise-grade, cloud-based transcoding service, Sorenson Squeeze Server. This new first-of-its kind enterprise solution offers what we believe to be the highest quality, most scalable, flexible way to encode video quickly and efficiently and with all the inherent benefits of the Cloud (our early customers seem to agree);

(6) Partnered to Create Squeeze Solution Pack. In a continuing relentless effort to out-innovate, we also partnered with recognized cloud leaders RightScale and Aspera to create the first cloud-based software stack for high-volume, scalable video encoding queue management and fast file transfer;

(7) Released Sorenson Squeeze 6.5. In September 2010, we launched Squeeze 6.5, the newest version of our award-winning desktop encoding application and total workflow solution for video professionals and businesses (which featured AVCHD decoding, improved filtering capabilities and the enabling of users to directly publish to Amazon Web Services);

(8) Launched Major Update to Sorenson 360 OVP. As part of our continuing effort to offer the most differentiated and highest quality video encoding solutions, we also launched a new version of our complementary Sorenson 360 online video platform in May 2010 (which featured an enterprise-level content management system that enabled users to directly publish to a host of locations using a dynamic feature set, such as playlist functionality and fully customizable video players);

(9) Announced Video Optimization and Support for Apple’s iPad. We were among the first to optimize for the Apple iPad and other Apple devices on THE day those Apple products were available;

(10) Released New VP8 WebM Support. In May 2010, and at Google’s invitation, we were the first to introduce immediate support for the new VP8/WebM ecosystem, enabling users to encode directly to the WebM format using the VP8 codec; and

(11) Named Winner of Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award. In October 2010, after winning the award three years straight in the United States, Sorenson Squeeze was recognized as the top transcoding solution in Europe (a further indication of the power of our brand worldwide).

I am pleased with what we accomplished in 2010 -- but, as cliche as it sounds, we are just getting started. We see 2011 as being an even-more-compelling breakout year, particularly for our Cloud-based transcoding solutions.