Monday, December 13, 2010

The Detroit Vikings? Sad, But True

CAUTION -- THIS POST HAS NOTHING -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -- TO DO WITH DIGITAL MEDIA (unless I really stretch it and use a DirecTV-To-Go connection ... )

Ahh yes -- my home state -- lovely Minnesota. Home of the wintery-est of winters -- and the frozen-est of the tundras. And, home of my beloved Detroit Vikings ...

... huh, what?

That's right -- Detroit Vikings. Tonight, as you sports fans know, my Vikes play a critical home game against the Giants IN DETROIT! Why? Because our white elephant of a stadium -- the Metrodome -- was trampled on (and deflated ... literally) by a white elephant -- two feet of snow!

I asked my family who still live in Minneapolis (I escaped long ago) why our city couldn't handle 2 feet of snow. In a Monty Python-is way, two feet of snow to me (and other Minnesotans) is a mere flesh wound. Bud Grant, Fran Tarkenton, Alan Page and Jim Marshall would mock that kind of snow -- they would welcome it and welcome the abuse it would heap on opposing teams who came to their old stadium, the "Met" (no relation to the indoor collapsed marshmallow known as the Metrodome). But, of course, the hallowed ground of the old met has been the home of the Mall of America now for nearly 20 years (the only thing retained is a left field seat inside the Mall that shows where home plate was in relation to it -- I think Banana Republic now sits where Harmon Killebrew previously stood tall!).

For the past 30 years, the reality has been that the Vikes -- who play in the land of the rugged -- have shirked that home field advantage to play within an esoteric non-descript indoor environment. If it were the other way -- and we had embraced our snowy roots years ago -- then we would have played outdoors yesterday. And, even if the Vikes would have lost by themselves, I have little doubt that the snow would replace Brett Favre and make the win.

But, alas, that was not meant to be. Instead they play tonight in the Lions' den. Well, at least it is on DirecTV (and I am pleased that I have my DirecTV ... even as I long for the snowy outdoor days of yore ...).