Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Video Professionals -- Come Together and Market YOURself at "The Exchange"!

Video professionals -- want some completely new, completely innovative, and very very cool? (Well, who doesn't, right?)

Check out "The Exchange" -- the first bona fide marketplace and one-stop-shop for everything you need for your entire workflow (that's right, from video production all the way through video distribution and syndication).

Here, and only here, you can come together, get what you want, share your expertise, learn from other video professionals, pick up innovative new video encoding presets (recipes) developed by some of the most renown video professionals (like Robert Reinhardt), and ADVERTISE AND MARKET YOURSELF AND YOUR SERVICES to other video professionals (and others who are in need of the services and expertise of video professionals).

This all comes from the great minds, passion and creativity of my team at Sorenson Media (this ain't boasting, because I am talking about the team). And, this all comes absolutely free, free, free.

We literally just announced it now -- so, be one of the first to check it out (click here to enter The Exchange), share your thoughts, and let the world know what you do. Here is the official press release.