Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minneapolis -- Vacation Capital of the U.S., Here I Come!

Readers, I will not be posting for a while and until after the Thanksgiving holiday -- heading over the river and through the woods back to the lovely frozen tundra from whence I came -- Minneapolis. Our annual family tradition -- my daughter's birthday (on Thanksgiving this year!), Mall of America (more fun than you think), "A Christmas Carol" (at the renown Guthrie Theatre), visiting the annual Christmas Village downtown at Macy's, Boggle tournaments (we are all very competitive), Apples to Apples (another great family game), and the depression that flows from watching my Minnesota Vikings inevitably fall apart on their own turf. And, all of this with temperatures hovering in the 10-20 Fahrenheit range -- how festive!

Until then -- Happy Thanksgiving to you all!