Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazon, the Movie -- Online Giant Becomes Movie Producer

Very interesting indeed ... and very "left field." Online retail giant Amazon has moved into the heart of Hollywood by opening up an online movie production company -- complete with a "first look" deal with traditional movie giant Warner Bros. (FYI -- "first look" means that Amazon must first give Warner Bros. the opportunity to buy a script before shopping it to other studios.)

Not surprisingly, this is not your father's movie producer, however. "Amazon Studios" gives budding screenwriters -- this could be you! -- the opportunity to submit their scripts online for consideration. Scripts will be available for comment/rating by the general community who visit the site. And, then, those that are rated the highest will be reviewed by a panel of experts (which apparently includes execs from the retail giant). So, no need to maneuver past the casting couch to get your scripts noticed. Trust me -- your script will be read (at least by the community). These folks are rabid (understandably) for a break -- and this is democratization of the Hollywood process big time.

But, will any Amazonian screenwriters hit the big time? Chances are long. But, at least they have one more avenue to try (as well as the support -- or not -- of other writers making their path through the Amazon).