Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Encoding.com Licenses Sorenson Technology - Coopetition at Its Finest

I am pleased to report that Encoding.com -- a Cloud-based provider of encoding services -- has just become the latest licensee of Sorenson Media's ubiquitous Sorenson Spark codec (both on the encoding and decoding side). (Here is the official story as reported on CNBC's site.)

"What? Isn't Encoding.com a competitor in Sorenson Media's encoding market?", you may be asking?

To a certain extent, the answer is "yes." There is some overlap between that service and our own recently launched Squeeze Server managed Cloud-based encoding service. But, we at Sorenson Media believe our target markets are very different indeed -- we squarely target the enterprise with our differentiated solution, whereas Encoding.com's service is geared more to the individual or SMB (small-to-medium business) user in our view. Here is my earlier post about how we believe our Squeeze Server service stands apart from all other Cloud-based encoding services.

And, regardless of the differences, both companies believe that there is plenty of business for all of us. We also believe that a bit of healthy "coopetition" doesn't hurt anyone. It also doesn't hurt that Encoding.com's President Jeff Malkin is a good guy, good partner, and smart business leader who understands the unique power of Sorenson Media's technology -- and how Sorenson Spark plays a critical and necessary role in the online video and encoding eco-system. Sorenson Spark is simply the most pervasive video codec in the world -- our technology was the first to enable video playback within Flash years ago, and our technology was the first used by YouTube to encode videos. (Oh yes, our video codec technology also was the first used by Apple to enable video playback within QuickTime.) That means that over 1 billion online video files -- which continues to grow each day -- need to be "Sparked" for playback.

That is why our list of Spark and codec licensing partners -- which includes some of the biggest names in the technology world such as Qualcomm, Verizon, LG, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, YouTube, Adobe and Apple -- continues to grow and grow. Our video technology and expertise -- honed over the course of 15 years -- is second to none.