Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NEW "Squeeze Solution Pack" -- Via New Partnership with Aspera & RightScale

Yesterday, we announced new Squeeze Server in conjunction with the annual Streaming Media West event (here is Streaming Media's "take" on our launch). On the heels of that announcement, today we unveil new "Squeeze Solution Pack" which takes Squeeze Server one important step forward, especially for post-production houses and media companies (here is the announcement via Forbes).

This new even-more-targeted Cloud offering gives two additional critical benefits for post-production houses, media companies, and other customers with very large files and volumes:

(1) accelerated file upload to the Cloud (which is essential for high volume large media files); and

(2) automated Cloud server management (which is essential for optimization of server utilization and, therefore, cost efficacy).

Squeeze Solution Pack -- another innovative industry first offering -- is brought to you as result of Sorenson partnering with the best and brightest companies in their respective spaces: Aspera (accelerated file uploads) and RightScale (automated Cloud management) -- both of whom (like us) also are partnered already with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Both partners moved mountains with us to realize this innovative vision in record time with their ingenuity and dedication.

We are thrilled to be partnered with them.