Monday, November 01, 2010

NEW Sorenson Server-Side Transcoding -- A Squeeze of a Different Color

You asked for it. You got it. At long last -- Squeeze Server. All the great quality that you have come to expect from Squeeze -- but now for the job volumes and workflows we, quite frankly, previously couldn't handle.

This is a big deal for us (and we hope, for you, the enterprise); Squeeze Server represents a significant expansion of our "encoding first" mantra here at Sorenson Media. We now believe we have an encoding solution for just about every workflow -- with Squeeze Server serving as a complement to Squeeze 6.5 (our award-winning desktop application).

We believe that Squeeze Server is the first true enterprise-grade managed Cloud-based encoding/transcoding solution (other services focus on the individual encoder -- not on the enterprise's unique needs). And, we give you a chance to easily and instantly try it all for free -- check it out here by clicking this link -- and, check out VP of Product Development David Dudas' screencast demo-ing how it all works by clicking on this link.

Click on this link for the full press release -- including the main features and benefits that flow from Squeeze Server:

(i) high volume encoding;

(ii) highest quality results (achieved via our home-grown advanced pre-processing filters, industry-leading codecs, among other things);

(iii) massive potential cost savings as compared to DIY self-hosted transcoding solutions that utilize FFmpeg or some kind of purchased encoding software that sits atop your own servers (by our calculations, you can expect to pay over $200,000 just to set up your own basic encoding "farm" -- compare that to our $499/month per dedicated instance via new Squeeze Server ($6,000/year));

(iv) massive potential opportunity cost savings by utilizing your video bays actual high margin revenue-generating production activities (rather than for low margin non-core high volume/heavy file encoding jobs);

(v) widest array of encoding "recipes" -- presets -- via our innovative Preset Exchange (check it out -- we think it's pretty cool);

(vi) innovative industry-first video-focused URL/workflow shortener,; and

(vii) full integration into our Sorenson 360 publishing platform (so that your full end-to-end workflow is covered).

And, from Sorenson ... our brand that we believe (and hope) you uniquely trust because we have been doing this for 15 years (and many of you already use our products -- something that means an awful lot to all of us over here). We want you to entrust all your encoding/transcoding needs to us -- so that you can focus on your own business.

So, given all of that, why struggle with doing it yourself? Encoding is complex, time-consuming, and frequently frustrating stuff that is not for the faint of heart.

So, how is Squeeze Server different from other managed Cloud-based encoding services in the marketplace? Ahh, let me count the ways:

(1) We put our Sorenson Media name on it -- that means Sorenson award-winning and differentiated quality . We we believe (and hope) Sorenson Media is a name you trust. We aren't new to the complex game of encoding like all other managed service solutions -- we are a real company that has been here for 15 years ... and will be here for you; one important tangible benefit of this is that you have direct access to our trained Support professionals -- and, believe me, these are real professionals (not simply some call center);

(2) We uniquely do not use open source FFmpeg -- we developed our own differentiated award-winning Squeeze encoding engine over the span of years and years; this is hugely important not only to ensure the highest quality treatment of your videos, but also to ensure that you have everything you need on the business front (that is, officially licensed and sanctioned industry-leading codec implementations). You may not know this -- but you should! -- that virtually every other managed encoding solution uses FFmpeg and has not obtained all appropriate business licenses (which could mean real risk to you); click here to my read my earlier blog post on this important subject;

(3) We uniquely give you, the enterprise, dedicated server instances so that all of your encoding jobs are prioritized at all times! -- unlike other managed services, your files don't take a number and stand behind others;

(4) We uniquely give you a full SLA and guaranteed 99.9% uptime, in addition to real, trained, knowledgable and caring Support;

(5) Unique not-available-elsewhere innovation, including our Preset Exchange and URL/workflow shortening features mentioned above; (as an aside -- you MUST check out our completely overhauled new Preset Exchange -- I personally think it is very very cool);

(6) We are developer-focused and "friendly" -- we offer ample reference code and well documented, RESTful APIs on our newly and completely revamped Developers site -- click on this link to access our completely overhauled Developers site; (while on our site, check out our VP Product Development David Dudas's post to developers); (and, speaking of "friendly", check out the number of steps in our experience compared to the other guys);

(7) We are fully mobile -- supporting mobile upload and management (as well as relevant reference applications in our Developers site); and

(8) We offer significantly more value to the enterprise -- while others price at approximately $2.50/GB per NON-dedicated server, our $499/month per dedicated instance package equates to approximately $1/GB.

So much more to say, but now it is time for us to do. This is a new product launch for us -- and we want your candid feedback. Send it directly to my attention at (but, to be clear, we aren't exactly new to this -- we have been partnered with leading consumer site Shutterfly since July with a fully managed server-based encoding/hosting solution).

Until then, happy Squeezing!