Thursday, October 21, 2010

Live from Paris -- NFL Sunday Ticket Package via DirecTV To-Go -- How Did It Score?

Euro-trip, Euro-travel experiences. And, a chance to check out certain digital media/technology services out in the real world.

So, as some of you know, the Minnesota Vikings are my team -- for better or for worse (this year it has been more of the latter than the former). This past weekend, my 1-3 Vikes had a critical game against the equally 1-3 Dallas Cowboys. Now, remember, at the start of the season, many had thought my Vikes and the Cowboys would be two of the top teams in the NFC. So, this game was critical, because the loser would be 1-4 (and, since 1992, only about 5% of teams starting at 1-4 have made it to the play-offs).

But, at game-time, I was in Paris. So, what's a Viking fan to do? "Aha!", I said to myself. I am a DirecTV subscriber at home -- that means NFL Sunday Ticket package -- and I had heard about being able to watch the NFL package on the road and on my laptop. It was 10 pm in Paris, but i decided to give it a whirl. I clicked on the "DirectTV To-Go" link and -- after a long while (the navigation is very NON-intuitive and confusing) -- I was able to find my game. And, watch the whole thing live from Paris.

Now, the bandwidth in my hotel wasn't great -- so, there continuous breaks and lengthy pauses in the stream. Nonetheless, it was quite the remarkable experience -- once again underscoring the power of anything, anytime, anywhere.

And, my beloved -- yet head-ache inducing -- Vikes beat back the Cowboys (with the aid of an admittedly questionable pass interference call near the end). All was good as I closed my laptop at 1 am and prepared for the next day's meetings.